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Thanks for an AMAZING CES 2013!

We would like to extend a sincere THANK YOU to all the motivated, creative, and talented individuals who made CES 2013 the best show we’ve ever had. It was an absolute pleasure to meet so many new and interesting people while also strengthening and revisiting our previously-made relationships.

As some of you may have seen or heard, our booth dubbed “HYPERWorld” has garnered a substantial amount of chatter – both positive and negative. We would like to thank you all for sharing your valued opinions in our inboxes, on our Facebook wall, and in our Twitter feed. That said, it seems that a small group of people have chosen to view our booth as offensive and hateful. So much, in fact, that a blogger/activist by the name of “Miss Representation” has taken it upon herself to use such words as “dehumanizing,” “props,” and “feeding rape culture” to fuel a trending campaign based on a single photo taken completely out of context. #NotBuyingIt is what many of her followers are posting through their social filters in regards to HYPER and our products – an overwhelming majority of which did not attend the show. We are a company co-managed and co-owned by women – and our motivated and well-educated CES product specialists acted as the main information source for booth visitors during the show. We are prideful of our company image, and will continue to depict our products in a fashionable manner moving forward.

What is offensive, however, is that an organization (aka Miss Representation) based on civil rights and allegedly focused on “the greater good” has taken it upon themselves to leverage their opinions and instigation by reaching out to our company to gain our business. Below, you will see an actual chat transcript dated Friday January 11th – one day after #NotBuyingIt became public – from a Miss Representation “representative.” Keep in mind that a particular staffer named Imran Siddiquee sent this, who is openly spreading hate about HYPER through his personal Twitter account.

Daniel Chin on Miss Representation and #NotBuyingIt, “We were approached by MissRepresentation.org, the organization behind the #NotBuyingIt viral attack with offers to manage our public relations in the midst of the illusion of an uproar and stirring controversy, created no less by that very organization. I would like to go on record to say that there is no damage to control and we are not apologetic for anything. The overwhelming majority who were at CES and saw our display appreciate and understand what we were trying to do. We will continue to engage the rest who were not present yet were quick to pass harsh judgment based on a single photo taken out of context. HYPER is co-owned by men and women. The hardworking men and women who worked to put together the CES booth were deeply offended by said fraudulent organization that ultimately aims to profiteer by attempting to hurt our company’s image. The impression of an uproar and stirring controversy has given us more publicity than we could’ve imagined.

Thanks again to everyone involved with CES 2013 who helped make it a raging success for HYPER – even you, Miss R. We appreciate your energy – be it positive or negative. If you ever fall short of it… we have a great product line, HYPER ++ JUICE, that can help you with that.

See you in 2014!