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iUSBportCAMERA web app now available!

We are pleased to announce version 1.0 of our web app which brings the iUSBportCAMERA live view and camera control functionality to all platforms (Android, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Mac) that has a Chrome or Safari web browser.

Here’s a brief overview of the web app


Known limitations

1) Remember to turn off live view when you are done as closing the web browser/app will not disengage the camera from live view.
2) Video recording is not yet supported in this version, will be made available in the next version
3) Touch focusing may not work with some Nikon cameras. We will fix this in the next version
4) Older Android devices may be slow at running this web app due to limited processing power.

You need to update the iUSBportCAMERA device firmware to enable web app functionality

1) Download the 2 files (IUSBPCAM.SEF and iusbport_camera) to the main directory of a USB flash drive. Ignore CAMERAMATOR.SEF unless you are updating from the older CameraMator device.
2) Insert USB drive into the USB port of the iUSBportCAMERA device
3) Turn on iUSBportCAMERA device
4) Display will show “Update?″. Press power button once to confirm.
5) Device takes about a minute to update firmware and will shutdown automatically when done.
6) Turn on iUSBportCAMERA device again
7) Display will show “Refresh App?”. Press power button once to confirm.
8) Once that is done. The device will restart with web app functionality enabled.

How to use web app

1) Connect your camera to iUSBportCAMERA and turn both devices on.
2) Connect your Android/iOS/Mac/PC to the same Wi-Fi network as iUSBportCAMERA
3) Open Safari or Chrome web browser and enter the IP address of iUSBportCAMERA ( in the URL address bar
4) You will see the “CameraControl.html” icon. Select this icon to open Camera Control.
5) On some Android devices, the screen may not orientate properly. Just rotate the Android device to reorientate the screen.
5) Web app will see the camera and a green button will light up. If the web app shows a red button, it means that another device is already connected to the camera.
6) Don’t forget to tap the green button to turn off camera live view when you are done as closing the web browser/app will not disengage live view.

Let us know in the comments if you find any bugs/issues so that we can fix it in the next version.