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GEEKDAD : CloudFTP: Expanding Your iPad With WiFi Access to External Storage


The CloudFTP is a great little niche solution if all you’re needing is to add streaming capabilities to a USB storage device you already own (or want to purchase). Again, given the extremely low cost of hard drives these days (not SSDs, but those are coming down, too) you can easily create an ad-hoc media server solution for your iPad with just the CloudFTP and an inexpensive drive.


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ZDNet Video Review: CloudFTP is a surrogate USB port for your iDevice

A video review of one of my favorite Kickstarter projects: CloudFTP.

By Jason D. O’Grady

I ordered a 64GB iPad because I tend to need all the space that I can get. But a new accessory that allows me to use external USB storage devices (flash and USB hard drives) with USB-less gadgets like the iPad is making me think twice. CloudFTP ($99) acts as a surrogate USB port for your iDevice.

I’ve posted a video review of the CloudFTP appliance. It’s a pocket-sized adapter that can turn any USB storage device into a wireless file server, sharing files with Wi-Fi-enabled devices (iPad, iPhone, computer etc.). It can also automatically connect to the Internet to backup and synchronize your USB data with popular online Cloud storage services like iCloud, DropBox and


CloudFTP named by Stuff Magazine as one of the “10 of the best Kickstarter technology projects”


Goal: $100k. Current: $262,351. Finished Jan 6.
Wirelessly connect any USB drive to your iOS device be it iPhone, iPod or iPad. Genius. One of those things you can’t believe nobody did before. We’d love to quickly connect a flash drive of films to our iPad, or even connect a digital camera directly – this is brilliant.


Kickstarter Is Helping People Raise Serious Cash For Their Projects


By Julie Bort

Crowd sourced funding site Kickstarter has been kicking ass for would-be entrepreneurs.

So far in 2012, two projects have raised over $1 million. Several others have surpassed $250,000.

A project must reach its funding goal before time runs out or no money changes hands. That way creators don’t get locked into developing a project if they don’t have enough money and contributors don’t get stuck paying for crummy ideas.

Project owners have to promise something of value in exchange to those that contribute, but not the typical financial incentives such as ownership, a share of profits, or repayment. Instead the so-called “Kickstarter economy” is based on other types of rewards like copies of the work, limited editions or just plain fun experiences (such as dinner with a famous person).

Here are the 8 biggest awards for tech products so far…

Daniel Chin raised $262,351 to turn thumb drives into file servers.

Who: Daniel Chin founder of Apple accessory maker Sanho, in Fremont, CA.

How much: Chin got backers to contribute $262,351 when the project closed on January 6. This was fortunate as he was asking for more than the typical Kickstart project, $100,000.

For what: CloudFTP will turn any USB storage into a device that can wirelessly share files with the iPad and iPhone. Chin offered backers free products and also promised those that pledged $500 to include them in the ads placed he would place in a couple of popular Mac magazines.

[Business Insider]

The Cloud lands in your pocket

CloudFTP mentioned in Tell Technology For Everyday Life Magazine

Pocketable Cloud

by Michael McEnaney

We’re intrigued by Fremont, California-based Sanho Corporation and their new CloudFTP, a pocket-sized adapter intended to turn any USB storage device into a wireless file server. The gadget is aimed at letting you share multimedia files through Wi-Fi across PCs, tablets and smartphones in your home. We’ll surely be taking a closer look at this nifty little gadget later this year.

“USB is on the air” – The Boston Globe

CloudFTP mentioned in The Boston Globe

CloudFTP by Sanho Corp.
$99.95 at; ships in 4 to 6 weeks.

Nobody ever complained about having too many USB ports on his computer. I’ve got six on mine and wish for more. Then again, maybe I’ve really been wishing for a gadget like Sanho’s new CloudFTP, which combines USB and Wi-Fi to let you easily grab data from your favorite gadgets and broadcast it to friends, family, or your favorite Internet cloud services.

CloudFTP is a little battery-powered box with a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot. Plug in a USB device, like a digital camera or a thumb drive full of documents, and CloudFTP will share its data with up to three nearby Wi-Fi devices. Say you’ve just shot some amusing pictures with your smartphone. Now you can quickly let your buddies take a peek on their own phones. If your home computer suffers from a shortage of USB ports, you can transfer files via CloudFTP instead.

Better yet, CloudFTP can connect to a nearby Wi-Fi hotspot to get access to the Internet. Now you can use it to upload files from your USB device to any number of cloud-based file storage services, like Dropbox or Apple Inc.’s iCloud. For example, a professional photographer could use CloudFTP to quickly transmit a day’s work directly from his camera to an online filing cabinet. CloudFTP is a brainy little device that makes our USB gadgets more valuable than ever.

[The Boston Globe]