iUSBportCAMERA web app now available!

We are pleased to announce version 1.0 of our web app which brings the iUSBportCAMERA live view and camera control functionality to all platforms (Android, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Mac) that has a Chrome or Safari web browser.

Here’s a brief overview of the web app


Known limitations

1) Remember to turn off live view when you are done as closing the web browser/app will not disengage the camera from live view.
2) Video recording is not yet supported in this version, will be made available in the next version
3) Touch focusing may not work with some Nikon cameras. We will fix this in the next version
4) Older Android devices may be slow at running this web app due to limited processing power.

You need to update the iUSBportCAMERA device firmware to enable web app functionality

1) Download the 2 files (IUSBPCAM.SEF and iusbport_camera) to the main directory of a USB flash drive. Ignore CAMERAMATOR.SEF unless you are updating from the older CameraMator device.
2) Insert USB drive into the USB port of the iUSBportCAMERA device
3) Turn on iUSBportCAMERA device
4) Display will show “Update?″. Press power button once to confirm.
5) Device takes about a minute to update firmware and will shutdown automatically when done.
6) Turn on iUSBportCAMERA device again
7) Display will show “Refresh App?”. Press power button once to confirm.
8) Once that is done. The device will restart with web app functionality enabled.

How to use web app

1) Connect your camera to iUSBportCAMERA and turn both devices on.
2) Connect your Android/iOS/Mac/PC to the same Wi-Fi network as iUSBportCAMERA
3) Open Safari or Chrome web browser and enter the IP address of iUSBportCAMERA ( in the URL address bar
4) You will see the “CameraControl.html” icon. Select this icon to open Camera Control.
5) On some Android devices, the screen may not orientate properly. Just rotate the Android device to reorientate the screen.
5) Web app will see the camera and a green button will light up. If the web app shows a red button, it means that another device is already connected to the camera.
6) Don’t forget to tap the green button to turn off camera live view when you are done as closing the web browser/app will not disengage live view.

Let us know in the comments if you find any bugs/issues so that we can fix it in the next version.

25 thoughts on “iUSBportCAMERA web app now available!

  1. Ken Hillblom

    Yesterday I did the first update to convert my Cameramator. I tested the application and things to be working correctly.

    Today I upgraded the firmware again. I’m using a Win8 laptop and the current version of Chrome and a 5d mkiii. My iUSBportCamera is configured to connect to my home lan. Using the IP displayed on the unit I can connect to it using Chrome. When I click on the connect icon the only thing that happens is a new version of Chrome is opened. So if I click on the icon 4 times I will have 4 instances of Chrome. That is the only thing I can click on.

    The unit just displays “Waiting App Camera ready”. In a very short time the display will change to camera offline. If the shutter is pressed you are asked “Self Control ?” every time which seems odd. I did notice the box to the left of the network name displays either some lines when the camera is offline or numbers when the camera is online. I remember seeing 1 and a 3 but can’t remember in what order they were displayed.

    I did test my iPad 2 and the iOS application and it is still working. The only odd thing I noticed is when I’m in client mode and take a picture the jpg will transfer but two images will be display on the camera roll at the bottom of the screen. If you go into local there is really only one image.

    That’s all I have for now but keep up the good work !!


    1. kelvinsanho

      It is normal, user will be prompted to confirm “Self-Control” when camera is awake from sleep. Since the iUSBport device is connected to your home LAN, the assigned IP address is displayed on the unit.

      I believe the iUSBport app on iPad is not up to date. The old version 1.4 does transfer both JPG and RAW file to iPad while the current version 1.5, only JPG file will be transferred to iPad. Please go to Apps Store and update the iUSBport app.

  2. Ken Hillblom

    I just tried Safari on my iPad. I can connect and take control of my 5d. I can take a picture in LV or in client mode. I don’t know where to check to locate the images as they are not in my camera roll or in the iOS application.


    1. HyperBlog Post author

      Web browser security settings the auto saving of images onto the device. You have to tap and hold or right click to save each individual image.

  3. Julian-H

    wowzers. i think you got it all right: liveview in video mode with just a little delay on my mac is wonderful.

    may i ask why there is no support for firefox? only if i put camera_control.html behind my device ip, e.g.

    i just put a bookmark to my web app controller in firefox, but still it would be nice to just access it and not do workarounds like this :)

    other than that: perfect!

    1. Julian-H

      ok, i think i got a little bit over excited at first glance ;)
      i’m missing some stuff, such as histogram, intervalometer for timelapsed photography… you know, all that cool stuff you would expect :)

      but for now i’m pretty happy that i can use my MBP as an external monitor for double checking my exposure at a higher resolution monitor. good work. keep it up!

  4. Mosley Hardy

    A couple of questions:

    Does the new web app require the use of an existing network or does it allow the device to create an ad-hoc network to which an iPad/iPhone can directly connect?

    Will the firmware update still allow use of the cameramator app should I choose to do so?

    1. HyperBlog Post author

      iUSBportCAMERA can create its own ad-hoc network as well as join an existing network. This is irregardless of whether you use the web app or native apps.

      Unfortunately our firmware which is at least 6 versions after the CameraMator firmware, uses more advanced hardware protocols which the current CameraMator app is unable to utilize or be compatible with.

  5. Richie

    Well, the web app seems in the right direction already. I have tested Ipad, Galaxy Tab and PC (Win 7). Liveview mode is pretty OK with the focus box. But I have the following questions:

    1. It seems the picture took does not transfer to iPad or Android device or PC. Instead it only show a very small thumbnail. So, how can I retieve the picture from the camera. Or could you guy provide a function to transfer the picture automatically?
    2. I found the app always showing an icon indicating disconnction with the camera after I try to view the picture by clicking the thumbnail.

    Anyway, you guys did a good work already. The liveview mode is really cool, useful and gain a lot of trust from enduser that Sanho can deliver her promise.
    Just keep it up, I am sure the app will be improved rapidly.


    1. HyperBlog Post author

      To answer #1, web browser security currently prevents auto downloading of images to the client device. The only way to download images right now is to manually select the image (either by tap and hold or right clicking).

      We will investigate #2 right now and fix it if there’s really an issue.

      1. Ken Hillblom

        If the icon Richie is talking about is a computer with a lighting bolt located in the upper right corner then I was seeing the same thing. I was wondering what this was trying to tell me. At the time, I believe the app seemed to be working. I can do more detailed testing if needed.


    2. Charles

      I saw the disconnected icon also, but I realized the adhoc connection was still saying Cameramator. I turned off wifi and during the scan, iUSBport showed up as an available connection. From that point I have not seen the disconnect icon. My hope is for the HDR and intervalometer functions to be added. That would round this out for me. I have tested using a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7inch. Later I will be testing my Nexus 7, and BN Nook Tablet. The Ice Cream Sandwich browser works perfectly in landscape.

    1. HyperBlog Post author

      This is a bug that we will fix in the next version.
      You got “Cache Err!” because you connected your camera before the iUSBportCAMERA has fully startup.
      To workaround this issue
      1) Turn on iUSBportCAMERA without connecting to the camera
      2) Allow iUSBportCAMERA to startup and once the LCD show “3.8GB”, you can connect your camera to iUSBportCAMERA.

  6. Sam

    Thx for this update. During my first (small) tests it was working (better then expected :-) )

    But I hope you will release a native iPhone/iPad app. Manually saving the images to local storage is annoying.

    1. Charles

      Yes and a native Android app with the rest of the desired features. I thank you for what you have done to give android users access to the former Cameramator. Great job.

  7. Hutch

    After updating the firmware, I get a ‘Cache Err!’ message during device startup. If I ignore, I can still connect to the device with my laptop and control the camera. No images transfer though.

    1. HyperBlog Post author

      This is a bug that we will fix in the next version.
      You got “Cache Err!” because you connected your camera before the iUSBportCAMERA has fully startup.
      To workaround this issue
      1) Turn on iUSBportCAMERA without connecting to the camera
      2) Allow iUSBportCAMERA to startup and once the LCD show “3.8GB”, you can connect your camera to iUSBportCAMERA.

  8. Ed Magowan

    Looks like this is just about there, I’ve been waiting for something I can run with Android. I’m impressed by how responsive you’ve been to your current and potential customers. Wireless is important to me, I was considering a Canon 6D for that very reason, but it looks like I’ll spring for the 5DIII and one of these gizmos instead.

  9. Paul Wegemann

    Will there be a native app that runs on ipod Touch? I’m really looking forward to trying this out.
    Thanks for stepping up to support those of us who supported Cameramator on Kickstarter. This has been a frustrating and expensive experience.

  10. Paul Hampton

    We bought two of the IUSBPORT Camera devices the WPPI show last week and have been playing with them for the last few days. So far, I am pretty impressed with the exception of the MAC app. It is not stable and only appears to download the images to my MAC about 5% of the time. I see its version is .9, can we expect a full 1.0 soon? We really need the ability to transfer copies of the shot images to the MAC for display and for backup.

    Great product! Heading in the right direction.


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