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iUSBportCAMERA web app now available!

We are pleased to announce version 1.0 of our web app which brings the iUSBportCAMERA live view and camera control functionality to all platforms (Android, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Mac) that has a Chrome or Safari web browser.

Here’s a brief overview of the web app


Known limitations

1) Remember to turn off live view when you are done as closing the web browser/app will not disengage the camera from live view.
2) Video recording is not yet supported in this version, will be made available in the next version
3) Touch focusing may not work with some Nikon cameras. We will fix this in the next version
4) Older Android devices may be slow at running this web app due to limited processing power.

You need to update the iUSBportCAMERA device firmware to enable web app functionality

1) Download the 2 files (IUSBPCAM.SEF and iusbport_camera) to the main directory of a USB flash drive. Ignore CAMERAMATOR.SEF unless you are updating from the older CameraMator device.
2) Insert USB drive into the USB port of the iUSBportCAMERA device
3) Turn on iUSBportCAMERA device
4) Display will show “Update?″. Press power button once to confirm.
5) Device takes about a minute to update firmware and will shutdown automatically when done.
6) Turn on iUSBportCAMERA device again
7) Display will show “Refresh App?”. Press power button once to confirm.
8) Once that is done. The device will restart with web app functionality enabled.

How to use web app

1) Connect your camera to iUSBportCAMERA and turn both devices on.
2) Connect your Android/iOS/Mac/PC to the same Wi-Fi network as iUSBportCAMERA
3) Open Safari or Chrome web browser and enter the IP address of iUSBportCAMERA ( in the URL address bar
4) You will see the “CameraControl.html” icon. Select this icon to open Camera Control.
5) On some Android devices, the screen may not orientate properly. Just rotate the Android device to reorientate the screen.
5) Web app will see the camera and a green button will light up. If the web app shows a red button, it means that another device is already connected to the camera.
6) Don’t forget to tap the green button to turn off camera live view when you are done as closing the web browser/app will not disengage live view.

Let us know in the comments if you find any bugs/issues so that we can fix it in the next version.

How to update CameraMator to iUSBportCAMERA

Brief History
HYPER (Sanho Corporation) was Usman Rashid (Wooblue Inc’s) technology and sales partner in the CameraMator project. HYPER’s involvement include manufacturing and distributing the CameraMator device, including fulfillment to Usman Rashid’s Kickstarter backers. After investing heavily to market CameraMator at CES 2013 and Macworld 2013, HYPER sold a substantial amount of units to the market. Seeing the initial success, Usman Rashid got greedy and wanted to renegotiate the distribution contract. When HYPER refused, Usman Rashid pulled the iOS app from the Apple App Store to retaliate and hold HYPER ransom, leaving all CameraMator customers in a lurch. HYPER tried to persuade Usman Rashid to relist the app to no avail so HYPER had no choice but to sue Usman Rashid and Wooblue Inc. With quick resolution unlikely, HYPER proceeded to develop their own iOS app and rebranded the product line to iUSBportCAMERA, named after the patent pending iUSBport technology, which made CameraMator possible in the first place.

iUSBportCAMERA Flyer

HYPER will provide free technical support for all CameraMator units updated to iUSBportCAMERA software.

The “iUSBport” iPad app version 1.4 can now be downloaded from the Apple App store.
Key features include:
- Wireless Tether
- Client View
- Live View
- Touch Focusing
- Video Recording
- USB media streaming

A Mac OS software which will automatically download images from the iUSBportCAMERA is also available for download. Instructions on how to use this software is available at the end of this post.

In a week’s time, version 1.5 of the app with much more features will be available for download including support for iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows PC.

The user manual on how to use the iUSBportCAMERA can be found below:

iUSBportCAMERA User Manual

Please note that this update will disable the usage of CameraMator app and enable usage of iUSBport app.

1) Download the 3 files (CAMERAMATOR.SEF, IUSBPCAM.SEF and iusbport_camera) to the main directory of a USB flash drive
2) Insert USB drive into the USB port of the CameraMator device
3) Turn on CameraMator device
4) Display will show “Update? V25 to V30″. Press power button once to confirm.
5) Device takes about a minute to update firmware and will shutdown automatically when done.
6) Turn on CameraMator device again
7) Display will show “Update? V?? to V31″. Press power button once to confirm.
8) Device takes about a minute to update firmware and will shutdown automatically when done.
9) Turn on CameraMator device again.
10) Display will show “Refresh App?”. Press power button once to confirm.
11) Once that is done. The device will restart as iUSBportCAMERA.

How to use iUSBportCAMERA Mac OS software

1) Download and unzip the iUSBportCAMERA Mac OS software
2) Connect iUSBportCAMERA (formerly CameraMator) device via USB cable to your camera
3) Turn on the camera and iUSBportCAMERA
4) Tap the power button on the iUSBportCAMERA once
5) When you see “Self-Client Mode?”, tap the power button again to activate self-client mode.
(If you see “Power Off?” instead of “Self-Client Mode?”, it means your device is not connected to a powered on DSLR camera as mentioned in Step 2 and 3. Also make sure that the iPad app is not connected to the device)
6) Connect your Mac computer to the same Wi-Fi network as iUSBportCAMERA
7) Open the iUSBportCAMERA Mac OS software
8) In the software, enter the IP address of iUSBportCAMERA (default is
9) Select a folder where the incoming images will save to
10) Select to import RAW, JPG or both types of images
11) Click “Start” to begin importing
12) You can use Adobe Lightroom or any software to watch and auto import from the folder. In Lightroom 4, it’s File>Auto Import>Auto Import Settings>Choose Watched Folder>Enable Auto Import.

Press Release – Sanho Corp Launches iUSBportCAMERA

Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 6.55.23 AM


Sanho Corp Launches iUSBportCAMERA

Wireless Tether For Canon/Nikon DSLRs To iPad, iPhone, Android devices
Turn Mobile Devices Into DSLR Remote Control And High Resolution Viewer

Monday, March 11, 2013 LAS VEGAS, NV – Sanho Corporation (WPPI 2013 Booth #1675), creator of the award-winning HYPER line of mobile and photo accessories, today announced the introduction of the latest member of the iUSBport family: iUSBportCAMERA, the innovative new wireless DSLR Remote Control and Live Viewfinder for iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

iUSBportCAMERA turns mobile devices into both an advanced wireless remote control with access to advanced features of DSLR cameras, and a wireless high-resolution photo viewer to share and review photos beyond the camera’s viewfinder, allowing for increased mobility, productivity and accessibility. Photographers have the added option of sharing photos with clients or other viewers instantly and can better execute challenging shots where the camera must be placed in difficult to reach positions.

“iUSBportCAMERA gives photographers increased capabilities, by enabling instant photo transfers wirelessly, increased mobility with remote camera control through mobile devices and added collaboration with off-site viewers and more,” said Daniel Chin, CEO of Sanho Corp.

Based on the same technology used in the rest of HYPER’s iUSBport line (iUSBport, iUSBportMINI, iUSBportHD), iUSBportCAMERA connects a camera’s USB port to any WiFi enabled mobile devices, including iOS and Android, as well as Mac and Windows devices. By mounting iUSBportCAMERA directly on a DSLR camera’s hot shoe, any accessory cold shoe mount or standard tripod and connecting to a camera’s USB port, photos taken become instantly available on a personal device for easier review, or on a remote device, allowing for collaboration and input from off-site viewers.

In addition to cameras, iUSBportCAMERA, like the rest of the iUSBport line, can also connect to any USB mass storage device like USB flash and hard drive to wirelessly stream media to any mobile device. Stream 1080p HD movies, music, photos and transfer files between mobile and USB devices.

A free companion iUSBport app is available on the Apple App Store. Android, Mac and PC software can be downloaded from our website at

Key Features

Live Viewfinder

  •    Live, large, enhanced viewfinder through your mobile device
  •    Photos shot are instantly and wirelessly sent to nearby mobile devices (e.g. iPad)
  •    Allow client and photographer to make informed corrections on the spot to get the right shot.


Remote Control

  •    Control your camera from afar
  •    Wirelessly control all camera settings (ISO, aperture, shutter, white balance, etc.) directly from your mobile
  •    See live viewfinder feed from the camera on your mobile device as you remotely trigger camera to take
    your picture.
  •   Tap anywhere on the live view screen to refocus camera to that point


Video Recording

  •    Shoot photos and videos remotely with Live View
  •    Remotely start and stop video recording
  •    View actual live video feed during recording
  •    Tap anywhere on screen to refocus video
  •    Ability to stream or transfer recorded video to mobile device


USB Media Streamer

  •    Also connects to any USB flash/hard drive to wirelessly stream media
  •    Stream 1080p HD movies, music, photos, files from USB to mobile devices
  •    Transfer files between mobile devices and USB


Hardware Specs
USB Port: USB 2.0 480 Mbps with 5W Power
Wireless: 802.1 1b/g/n (Access Point and Infrastructure Mode)
Battery: 3300mAh Li-Polymer
Transfer Speed: 3MB/sec
Server: HTTP/FTP/Samba/DLNA/WebDAV
File System:  FAT32/exFAT/NTFS/HFS+

Pricing and Availability
iUSBportCAMERA is available immediately online at at the starting MSRP of $299.95. For additional information, please visit us online.

About Sanho Corporation
Sanho Corporation designs, manufactures and markets IT accessories with a focus on Apple accessories, portable power and storage.  Sanho is committed to developing cutting edge products with a dedicated focus on performance, quality, value and service, with a sales and marketing office in the U.S. in Silicon Valley, California, a production facility near Shanghai, China, and R&D teams in both countries.

Company Contact
Daniel Chin

Media Contact
Robert Barsanti


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