HyperShield 3-in-1 Smart Pen is Macworld’s Favorite

HyperShield 3-in-1 Smart Pen is Serenity Caldwell (Macworld.com) favorite multifunction stylus, scoring top points for ergonomics, precision, linework and painting.


HyperShield Smart Pen aces the writing exam

By Serenity Caldwell (Macworld.com)

My favorite 2-in-1 stylus so far, the HyperShield 3-in-1 Smart Pen ($40, on sale for $10) has just the right amount of weight balance and resistance, along with a slim anodized aluminum form and multiple color options. Both the stylus and pen perform admirably when writing, and—if you own an iPad 2—you can even use it to wake up your device (or send it to sleep) thanks to a built-in magnet.

The HyperShield 3-in-1. It has a pen, great balance for writing on-screen, and magnets to work with the second- and third-generation iPads.

HyperShield 3-in-1 Smart Pen is Macworld's Favorite


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