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“USB is on the air” – The Boston Globe

CloudFTP mentioned in The Boston Globe

CloudFTP by Sanho Corp.
$99.95 at; ships in 4 to 6 weeks.

Nobody ever complained about having too many USB ports on his computer. I’ve got six on mine and wish for more. Then again, maybe I’ve really been wishing for a gadget like Sanho’s new CloudFTP, which combines USB and Wi-Fi to let you easily grab data from your favorite gadgets and broadcast it to friends, family, or your favorite Internet cloud services.

CloudFTP is a little battery-powered box with a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot. Plug in a USB device, like a digital camera or a thumb drive full of documents, and CloudFTP will share its data with up to three nearby Wi-Fi devices. Say you’ve just shot some amusing pictures with your smartphone. Now you can quickly let your buddies take a peek on their own phones. If your home computer suffers from a shortage of USB ports, you can transfer files via CloudFTP instead.

Better yet, CloudFTP can connect to a nearby Wi-Fi hotspot to get access to the Internet. Now you can use it to upload files from your USB device to any number of cloud-based file storage services, like Dropbox or Apple Inc.’s iCloud. For example, a professional photographer could use CloudFTP to quickly transmit a day’s work directly from his camera to an online filing cabinet. CloudFTP is a brainy little device that makes our USB gadgets more valuable than ever.

[The Boston Globe]

iFlashDrive USB drive works on both iPad and Mac

Update: Contrary to article, you CAN copy files from iDevice to iFlashDrive and back.


Expo Notes: iFlashDrive USB drive works on both iPad and Mac

by Mauricio Grijalva,

When Wi-Fi’s not available, it’d be nice if there were a simple and easy way to share files between your iPad and Mac without using a physical connection between the two. When I saw the iFlashDrive being demonstrated by Hypershop on the Macworld | iWorld show floor, it definitely caught my eye.

Billed by the company as the “world’s only flash drive for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch”, the iFlashDrive has a USB connector on one end that, when attached to a Mac or PC, acts like any other thumb drive. You can plug it in and then copy files to it.

On the other end of the iFlashDrive is a dock connector that you attach directly into an iOS device. You then use the iFlashDrive app to see all your music, videos, and other files and interact with them directly off the drive itself. The app allows you to download files from the drive directly onto your device, but sadly, you can’t copy files from the device to the drive (HyperShops: Contrary to article, you CAN copy files from iDevice to iFlashDrive and back). You can sync files from the drive to Dropbox through the app, and company president Daniel Chin said they plan on adding Evernote and sometime in the near future.

The drive comes in a 8GB version for $100, 16GB for $150, and 32GB for $200.


USA Today Photos: HyperJuice at Macworld 2012

HyperJuice Mini batteries are sampled by attendees at Macworld.A Sanho's HyperShop representative shows the company's newly developed external battery for the iPhone and iPad.

(L) HyperJuice Mini batteries are sampled by attendees at Macworld. By Ben Margot, AP
(R) A Sanho’s HyperShop representative shows the company’s newly developed external battery for the iPhone and iPad. By Kimihiro Hoshino, AFP/Getty Images

[USA Today]

“CloudFTP Adds Wi-Fi to Any Hard Drive” – WIRED

White CloudFTP with WiFi and USB logos

by Charlie Sorrel

Cloud FTP is a small box containing two things: A USB port and a Wi-Fi radio. Hook up any hard drive or other USB storage device and it becomes a network-enabled wireless drive.

What’s more, if you are away from a Wi-Fi network, the Cloud FTP will make one for you, so you can always access the data within (there’s also a five-hour li-ion battery inside). It’s a neat solution for either traveling with your phone or iPad, or for just making your 500GB movie collection streamable to your tablet or ultrabook back at home.

You can connect up to three devices at a time (more than enough, considering the use cases) and there’s even an LCD display on the top telling you the SSID and network address of the Wi-Fi hotspot.

If you already sucked in the Apple Kool Aid then you likely have a Time Capsule or an Airport Extreme base station at home. But the Cloud FTP is both more portable and cheaper than both, coming in at $100. Available for pre-order now, shipping in a month or so.



HyperShield 3-in-1 Smart Pen is Macworld’s Favorite

HyperShield 3-in-1 Smart Pen is Serenity Caldwell ( favorite multifunction stylus, scoring top points for ergonomics, precision, linework and painting.


HyperShield Smart Pen aces the writing exam

By Serenity Caldwell (

My favorite 2-in-1 stylus so far, the HyperShield 3-in-1 Smart Pen ($40, on sale for $10) has just the right amount of weight balance and resistance, along with a slim anodized aluminum form and multiple color options. Both the stylus and pen perform admirably when writing, and—if you own an iPad 2—you can even use it to wake up your device (or send it to sleep) thanks to a built-in magnet.

The HyperShield 3-in-1. It has a pen, great balance for writing on-screen, and magnets to work with the second- and third-generation iPads.

HyperShield 3-in-1 Smart Pen is Macworld's Favorite


“These Promising Tech Tools From CES Mean Business” – PCWorld

PCWorld Logo

By Yardena Arar

Another CES find that should appeal to business users is CloudFTP, a $100 soap-bar-sized box that turns USB storage devices into wireless file servers. Simply plug a USB drive into the CloudFTP’s USB port (it’s a powered port, in case the drive needs one), and CloudFTP creates an ad-hoc Wi-Fi network, making the drive’s content accessible to any Wi-Fi-enabled devices via either standard FTP, dedicated iOS or Android apps, or an HTML5 web app.

This sounds like a very handy gadget for iPad fans who need a way to access data on a USB drive without having to find and fire up a notebook. We’re looking forward to testing it when production units ship, hopefully within a few months.


PCWorld: CloudFTP – The Missing Link Between USB Drives and iOS Devices

PCWorld LogoCloudFTP Table Top Display

A $100 box the size of a small bar of soap, CloudFTP turns any USB drive into a wireless file server for iPhones, iPads and any other Wi-Fi enabled devices.

By Yardena Arar

CloudFTP is a $100 gadget that addresses one of the most ubiquitous tech disconnects in recent memory: the lack of USB support on iPhones and iPads, which makes it a hassle to transfer data from a thumb drive to these popular devices.

Sure, you can use a PC as intermediary, but hooking up your iOS device just to transfer a few files seems like a lot of work for a pretty routine task–and a computer isn’t always handy when you need one. CloudFTP is small enough to carry in your pocket, and it’s a stand-alone solution that requires no additional hardware or network support.

You start by plugging the USB drive into the device. CloudFTP’s USB port is powered, so it can access any USB mass storage device. CloudFTP by default creates its own ad-hoc Wi-Fi network, so to access the data on the drive you simply join that network with your iOS device (or any other Wi-Fi enabled device). Now you can access the data on the USB drive, either by running an HTML5 Web app, a dedicated iOS or Android app, or a standard FTP client.

You can also connect CloudFTP to an existing Wi-Fi network, where it is accessible to other devices on the network. In this mode, it can use the network’s Internet connection to back up the data on the USB drive to cloud services such as iCloud, Dropbox or

Powering the CloudFTP is an internal rechargeable battery that, according to developer Daniel Chin, will last for five hours between charges.

The story of CloudFTP’s development is as interesting as the device itself. Chin sought $100,000 in funding on Kickstarter–a site where entrepreneurs can seek financing for projects from grassroots investors–and at this writing had attracted more than $260,000 from more than 2700 individuals, who will get the first production units.

CloudFTP is for sale on its Kickstarter site, which says the investors will get their units in February.


MacTech: “Sanho Launches IOS Compatible CloudFTP”

MacTech logo

White CloudFTP with WiFi and USB logos

Sanho Corp. ( has announced CloudFTP, a small pocket-sized portable adapter that enables the wireless transfer of movies, music, photos, documents, and other files to the iPad, iPhone, and other WiFi-enabled devices from USB storage devices (cameras, USB hard drives, flash drives, card readers, and other USB mass storage devices, etc.) without using a computer.

It creates a Wi-Fi hotspot to stream and transfer data from the most commonly used USB storage devices, turning these devices into a wireless file server. CloudFTP can also automatically connect to the Internet to backup and synchronize USB data with online Cloud storage services like iCloud, Dropbox and, or it can join an existing WiFi network to share files with other devices on the same network.

You can share between three iDevices. CloudFTP will be available next month for $99.95.