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Press Release – HyperMac Extends New MacBook Air Battery Life Up To 38 Hours!

1 Week Left To Get The World’s Only MacBook External Battery Before They Are Gone For Good on November 2, 2010

SUNNYVALE, California -October 25, 2010, HyperMac is the world’s only external battery that powers and recharges all Apple MacBook models (including the newly announced 11″ and 13″ MacBook Air) via an included MagSafe power cable which is extracted from the original MacBook power adapter. However at Apple’s request, Sanho Corporation (parent of HyperMac) will cease the sale of the MagSafe power cables on November 2, 2010 00:00 U.S. Pacific Time. So this is the last chance to grab the HyperMac before they are gone for good.

The newly announced 11″ and 13″ MacBook Air models have internal batteries that are rated to last 5 and 7 hours respectively. Like the rest of the MacBook line, the MacBook Air internal batteries are built-in and non-swappable. While the MacBook Air is clearly designed to be portable, the internal battery design limits that portability to only 5 to 7 hours. HyperMac remains the only portable solution to power and recharge MacBooks on the go, away from the wall mains.

HyperMac external MacBook battery comes in 4 different capacities of 60Wh, 100Wh, 150Wh and 222Wh. Conversely the new 11″ and 13″ MacBook Air built-in battery capacities are rated 35Wh and 50Wh respectively. The HyperMac 222Wh which has 6 times more capacity than the 11″ MacBook Air 5 hour rated battery, adds up to 32 hours additional battery life, extending the overall 11″ MacBook Air battery life up to 37 hours. On the 13″ MacBook Air, the HyperMac 222Wh extends battery life up to 38 hours.

Besides the MacBook Air, HyperMac external MacBook batteries also work with all MacBook, MacBook Pro models as well as the iPad, iPhone 3/3GS/4, iPod and all other USB devices. There is also a HyperMac car charger which provides pure DC recharging of MacBooks in automobiles, something which Apple does not provide.

The HyperMac battery and car charger will be available for sale at until November 2, 2010 for $149.95 (car charger), $199.95 (60-watt-hour battery), $299.95 (100Wh), $399.95 (150Wh) and $499.95 (222Wh).

Dimensions: 4.92 x 3.78 x 0.83″ (60Wh); 7.48 x 4.92 x 0.8″ (100Wh); 8.9 x 4.92 x 0.83″ (150Wh); 10.1 x 5.91 x 1.34″ (222Wh)
Weight: 0.8 lb (60Wh); 1.6 lbs (100Wh); 2.4 lbs (150Wh); 4.7 lbs (222Wh)
Battery: Lithium ion
4 stage LED battery level indicator lights
USB 5V/2A power out

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